SSD Storage

We will provide you 100GB SSD Storage which is makes your site faster and you can upload your videos and pictures of your products by creating an e-Commerce Website


We Provide your website CDN absolutely free with our hosting to make your websites faster


We will secure your wesite with most advansed SSL service with our hosting.

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SSD CLOUD 100 GB Storage, CDN, SSL, Unlimited Bandwidth, Traffic and Pages, Daily Backup, Page Builder etc 


You will also get eCommerce Functionality and can add unlimited products picutres of your store


There is no limit of Blog Posts or Pages on the Site and you can create unlimited pages

Unlimited PageVews

There is no limitations on Page View count or any typed of visits limitations as some companies could not handle the load on site and request to move on VPS or Dedicated Server but we provide deicated resources to each of our client so don,t worry about the page views.

Unlimited BandWidth

We have state of the Art New Generation SuperComputer on Cloud Technalogy which can increase their bandwidth according to usage

Unlimited Traffic

Now Don't worry about your website traffic increase and no need of purchasing VPS or Dedicated Server because our State of the Art Technalogy can handle all the traffic smoothly.


You can select a backup option according to your storage limits of 100GB and can take a backup of the site on Daily/Weekly/Monthly Basis

Get One Month Free Trial of Our Hosting and Services. If you satisfy then Pay Otherwise You May Quit.

Get a website you are proud of


We provide Cloud Hosting with our Membership so that your websites load faster which is most advanced approach of hosting websites


Drag and Drop Page Builder Offers Unlimited Possibilities of creating web pages according to your desire wish. You can create unlimited pages of your products or blog posts.


Just Purchase A Domain Name from EnicHosting.com and Get Rest of the services from EnicCloud

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Fastest Servers

We are using State of the Art Fastest Amazon SSD Cloud Servers which are using for next gen computers and keep upgrading as techanlogy shifts.

Stock Images

We have built in Stock Images Feature where you can directly search the images and add in your website page without leaving your site.

Stock Videos

Adding a video to your website was never so easy before and now we have added stock videos search feature built in with out page builder to add the videos whout leaving the site.